Contact us if you wish to donate items. School counselors have clothes on hand that MCCF has provided and certificates for new shoes. Please contact your counselor for assistance. If your children are 0-5, please send us an email and we will try to assist you. We are closing our Free Thrift Store. We wish to thank Motel 6 who so graciously and generously hosted us for a year and covered the rent, insurance, utilities, janitorial and so much more.

A year later, all our partner thrift stores are open and ready to assist you and our families who need help.

Please donate your kindness to them so they can help serve us and the missions that they serve. We all work together to make sure children and families have their needs met.

State of the Ark, Paul Bunyan, Hospice and the Redwood Senior Center Thrift Stores are all our amazing partners!

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