If you know of a child or family who are going without food right now, please reach out to If you have a student enrolled in school and your family is experiencing food insufficiency, please contact your school's counselor so that they may help you. We recognize that with so many families experiencing the financial impacts of this pandemic that state sponsored food programs such as CalFresh are experiencing a far higher volume of requests than usual and have fallen behind in their processing times. As distance learning resumes and continues into the fall, meal pick up programs at MUSD and FBUSD are open to all children ages 0-18 through December 21.

Fort Bragg Unified School District Weekly Meal Pick Up Information

Mendocino Unified School District Weekly Meal Pick Up Information

Point Arena Schools Distance Food Service

Manchester Union School Meal Pick Up is Mon-Friday from 11:30 to Noon at their school site.

The Fort Bragg Food Bank is offering food boxes for kids, regardless of whether or not they are currently enrolled in school. Mendocino Coast Children's Fund has given a grant to FBFB to help make sure no child goes hungry.

Fort Bragg Food Bank (follow link for hours of operation and information)

Over the summer of 2020, Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) provided food benefits to eligible school children. Those who applied and were issued benefits are now eligible for additional benefits. New cards will be sent out that include the new extension benefits of up to $246 per child. These new cards will need to be activated and PIN'd. For more details, check out the
Pandemic EBT Website

Pandemic EBT Update June 30, 2021

Apply For Food Stamps Here

or call 707-962-1000

CalFresh Online Delivery Program

Fort Bragg Farmer's Market (accepts EBT)

Mendocino Farmer's Market (accepts EBT)

Albion Farmer's Market (accepts EBT)

Mendo Lake Food Hub (food access)

Garden Friendly Community Fort Bragg

Victory Gardens for Peace Seed Bank

Need some advice on how to boost you and your child's immunity? Click or tap the English or Spanish flyer below for a downloadable pdf.

Boost Immunity Flyer EnglishBoost Immunity Flyer EnglishAumenta la InmunizaciónAumenta la Inmunización

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