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2021 and MCCF

February 1, 2021

Dear Community,

In many ways everything we have done over the past 29 years to build a community safety net for children and families has been a dress rehearsal for the COVID-19  pandemic challenges we face now.

MCCF supports infants, toddlers, children, tweens, teens and the families that are struggling to feed, house, nurture and educate their children under the most difficult circumstances we have experienced in our lifetimes. From Westport to Gualala and inland to Comptche, 365 days a year, MCCF says yes.

Thanks to you, our amazing community, MCCF has  raised and distributed over 600,000 dollars in non-governmental aid to our community since the Pandemic arrived.

One hundred percent of your donation goes back to our community as respectful and accountable assistance. When ever possible, dollars are spent locally to strengthen our coastal economy.

From medical mileage to diapers, your donations make a huge compassionate difference.

MCCF has  distributed over 100,000 masks to the medically frail, essential workers, schools, non-profits, neighbors, underserved families, community churches, neighborhood associations, frontline volunteers, health providers, the homeless and elderly.

We just received 50,000 more and are busy making sure they help keep us all safe.

Our strong connections with the Latino community has helped us get masks and economic resources to hundreds of hard working community members.

We are covering medical mileage for high risk pregnancies, getting diapers to babies and shoes to kids who need to run and play.

Thanks to our donors, near and far, we continue to provide essential aid and hope to children and their families and our most vulnerable community members impacted by COVID.

As we approach the one year impact of COVID on our coastal communities, county, and country, please consider donating to us.

This year, if you do not itemize on your federal return, you can still deduct a tax credit up to $300 for cash donations made in 2020 by check, credit card or PayPal. If you donated to us in 2020 and now need a receipt, please let us know. 

For 2021, you can deduct up to $300 each if you do not itemize on your federal return.  

We are grateful to receive IRA charitable donations, personal funds, foundation grants and any other assistance. If you have enough, please consider sharing with those who don't by making a contribution in any size to us.

100% of your donations goes to our families raising the children. More than ever, they need your help.

Gratefully, on behalf of our board, volunteers and the children,

Annie Liner, Gary Brodetsky,  Margaret Fox, Omie Behrns, Sasha Graham, Sherrie Spires, William White

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